Gale & Tempest Have Blown In

Gale, the sleek panther Mom, and Tempest, her 6-week old only kitten, are refugees from Hurricane Florence.  We’re glad to have them at Moo Cat’s Feline Finishing School.

Gale (mom) and Tempest (kitten) came to Moo Cat’s on 10/4. Tempest about 6 weeks old. They are refugees from Hurricane Florence’s damage to Brunswick County, NC.
Pretty Gale is a sleek, friendly panther with a white spot on her belly and a few white hairs on her neck. Tempest is a long-haired brown tabby.
We’re treating Tempest’s goopy left eye with Tobramycin.
He was supposedly 3 weeks old, but since he knows how to use a litter box, we think he’s 6 wks old, born about 8/28. Hurricane Florence hit the NC coast on 9/15.
Tempest also knows how to scarf down canned and dry cat food.
At six weeks, he still nurses Mom, too.

Pasta Kittens are 8 weeks old 07/31/18 and will graduate tomorrow!

The kittens and Mama Giada have learned all the necessary lessons to be successful cats in their forever homes.  This week they studied sleeping on the human’s furniture, how to appreciate their beauty in any mirror, how to climb up and down stairs, and how to play computer games on the iPad.  Moo Cat’s loved having them here for 5 weeks and wishes Giada, Bucatini, Orzo, Rombi, and Rigatoni well in their future lives!

Giada likes the cat canoe too

Orzo takes a nap on the futon.
“See the pretty girl in that mirror there?” Such a pretty Me. Rigatoni and Rombi
Tempting the kittens down the stairs: from top Orzo, Rombi, Bucatini, Rigatoni
Kittens in Art Class, all helping make a gorgeous picture.

Pasta Kittens are 7 weeks old 07/24/18

Orzo is little rice-shaped pastas?
Rigatoni is big macaroni with ridges for sauce?
Bucatini is long, fat, hollow spaghetti?

Kittens got a Hot Pursuit toy for their 7-week birthday

Rombi, laughing because we have no package of rombi pasta (small diamond shaped, ruffled edged pasta)
7 weeks.  We still nurse our mama.  Plus we gobble up cat food, canned and kibble.

Pasta Kittens are 6 Weeks Old 07/17/18

Bucatini gets nestled into the sofa for a nap.
Giada finds a use for the roller ball toy: keeping watch over her sweet Orzo.
4 little Pastas eating their lunch. From top left: Rombi, Orzi, Bucatini, Rigatoni (who hid her dessert under the plate).

Orzo beats up a very cute Bucatini

Rigatoni with her pasta at 6 weeks old.

Rigatoni shows how she can lie on her back in the human’s hands without too much wiggling.

Rombi is overwhelmed by the toy box.
Everybody has learned to climb the scratching post. Bucatini, Rigatoni, Rombi, and Orzo at the bottom.

Pasta Kittens are 5 weeks old 07/10/18

Here’s what Bucatini can do at 5 weeks old: use the litter box pretty regularly better than any of his littermates.
“Dis what I can do at 5 weeks. Pop up adorable!” Rigatoni
“Dis bowl EMPTY. Open can, please.” Rombi at 5 weeks.
Orzo tries out the cat canoe at 5 weeks old.

Kitten wrasslin’ in the cat canoe

Giada & the Pasta Fosters are in Summer School

Giada with the boy kittens

Giada and her 4 little pastas came to Moo Cat’s on June 26, 2018.  Mama is a Snowshoe cat who had 3 tabbies and 1 solid black kitty around June 5.  They will grow up and learn all sorts of necessary cat things before being speutered and all 5 will be up for adoption around early-August.

“Dis skool not gonna be HARD, right?


Rombi at 3 weeks old
3 tabby faces: Top to bottom Rombi, Rigatoni, Orzo
Rigatoni at 3 weeks
Giada shows off her long, long, ropey Snowshoe tail and white boots
Mama Giada has beautiful blue eyes
Orzo and Bucatini, both males
Bucatini and sibling