Giada & the Pasta Fosters are in Summer School

Giada with the boy kittens

Giada and her 4 little pastas came to Moo Cat’s on June 26, 2018.  Mama is a Snowshoe cat who had 3 tabbies and 1 solid black kitty around June 5.  They will grow up and learn all sorts of necessary cat things before being speutered and all 5 will be up for adoption around early-August.

“Dis skool not gonna be HARD, right?


Rombi at 3 weeks old
3 tabby faces: Top to bottom Rombi, Rigatoni, Orzo
Rigatoni at 3 weeks
Giada shows off her long, long, ropey Snowshoe tail and white boots
Mama Giada has beautiful blue eyes
Orzo and Bucatini, both males
Bucatini and sibling

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