Pasta Kittens are 6 Weeks Old 07/17/18

Bucatini gets nestled into the sofa for a nap.
Giada finds a use for the roller ball toy: keeping watch over her sweet Orzo.
4 little Pastas eating their lunch. From top left: Rombi, Orzi, Bucatini, Rigatoni (who hid her dessert under the plate).

Orzo beats up a very cute Bucatini

Rigatoni with her pasta at 6 weeks old.

Rigatoni shows how she can lie on her back in the human’s hands without too much wiggling.

Rombi is overwhelmed by the toy box.
Everybody has learned to climb the scratching post. Bucatini, Rigatoni, Rombi, and Orzo at the bottom.

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