Pasta Kittens are 8 weeks old 07/31/18 and will graduate tomorrow!

The kittens and Mama Giada have learned all the necessary lessons to be successful cats in their forever homes.  This week they studied sleeping on the human’s furniture, how to appreciate their beauty in any mirror, how to climb up and down stairs, and how to play computer games on the iPad.  Moo Cat’s loved having them here for 5 weeks and wishes Giada, Bucatini, Orzo, Rombi, and Rigatoni well in their future lives!

Giada likes the cat canoe too

Orzo takes a nap on the futon.
“See the pretty girl in that mirror there?” Such a pretty Me. Rigatoni and Rombi
Tempting the kittens down the stairs: from top Orzo, Rombi, Bucatini, Rigatoni
Kittens in Art Class, all helping make a gorgeous picture.

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