Gale & Tempest Have Blown In

Gale, the sleek panther Mom, and Tempest, her 6-week old only kitten, are refugees from Hurricane Florence.  We’re glad to have them at Moo Cat’s Feline Finishing School.

Gale (mom) and Tempest (kitten) came to Moo Cat’s on 10/4. Tempest about 6 weeks old. They are refugees from Hurricane Florence’s damage to Brunswick County, NC.
Pretty Gale is a sleek, friendly panther with a white spot on her belly and a few white hairs on her neck. Tempest is a long-haired brown tabby.
We’re treating Tempest’s goopy left eye with Tobramycin.
He was supposedly 3 weeks old, but since he knows how to use a litter box, we think he’s 6 wks old, born about 8/28. Hurricane Florence hit the NC coast on 9/15.
Tempest also knows how to scarf down canned and dry cat food.
At six weeks, he still nurses Mom, too.